Facebook Update, 2018 Changes: The Impact on Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Recently I met with a client and our social media expert Katie Spellman of Revel & Grow. We were trying to make sure this client survives when the new Facebook update 2018 rolls out. Because most small businesses and entrepreneurs use a more organic approach (networking, etc.) in building their client base, Facebook marketing has remained a somewhat free-ish way to market a business. Yes, we’ve seen Facebook continually push us towards buying Facebook ads by burying our posts in newsfeeds or not showing them at all, but this change coming in 2018 will be the final push. Can your business survive? These changes have been rolled out in locations outside of the U.S. affecting those fairly drastically with a Facebook business page. Find out in this video more about the changes coming to your Facebook news feed, and what you can do to keep your business visible in spite of Facebook changes.


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